mining and geological service

ГК 'Прогноз'

Oil and gas prospecting

Prognoz Group also provides geochemical survey for oil and Complex geochemical analysis of snow, near-the-surface atmospheric air and stream flows for oil and gas.

We have expirience in:

  • investigation of bedded waters and brines, physical, chemical and hydro geochemical parameters, including rare  trace elements;
  • regional oil and gas prospecting in complex with seismogeophysics, water dissolved gas systems;
  • performing with analysis of wood bark material and snowin;
  • environmental impact assessment of drilling works at any stage part of the Kureiskaya syneclise;
  • monitoring of the environment of oil and gas industry objects;
  • investigations of annular spaceleak tightness in drill holes in purpose of interstratal fluid migration detection.

In order to reveal oil and gas deposits and determine recommendations for the further exploration works, experimental bio-, litho- and gasgeochemical investigations in complex with 3D seismic survey and reinterpretation of gravimetrical data were performed in the Abakan area (Gazprom Exploration).
Fluids from beds, obtained from the deep drilling exploration, were analyzed for such characteristics as: component composition, quantity and quality characteristics of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gas systems, including helium, isotopic composition of methane’s, carbon acid’s and hydrogen’s carbon.