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ГК 'Прогноз'

Modern Analytics

Analytics laboratory of Prognoz Group was founded in 2006 and was accredited at Russian and international standards and requirements (RU.0001.516545, ISO 17025:2005, AAC.A.00067).
Lab provides different analyses, such as semiquantitative emission spectroscopy which is available in two modifications – for gold and 30-elements complex.
Our analytical and sample preparation complexes allows reduce analysis time, decrease detection limits, improve analysis accuracy and consider spectral overlapping more effectively.
XRF analysis is performed with the mobile Innov-X MobiLab X-50 spectrometer, which makes possible to make measurements in-situ in almost any conditions but with high-quality results.
Gas chromatography performs with “Chromatech-Crystal 5000” equipment of “Chromatech” Plc. This equipment and it’s own special method allow to measure volume ratio of hydrocarbon (C1 – C6) and non-hydrocarbon (O, N, CO2, He) components in atmosphere near the surface in natural gas systems for oil and gas prospecting.
Semi-quantitative emission spectroscopy for gold and other 30-elements  is provided in stationary conditions with the productivity of 30 elements analysis is 500 samples per shift, gold analysis – 180.
XRF analysis is executed at 26 elements directly near the sampling.
Accuracy of the analysis is estimated by special standard samples of LLC “Tulskoe SRSE” and the Institute of geochemistry of Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of science.