mining and geological service

Prospecting, specialized geomechanical studies and deep drilling at diamond deposits of the Republic of Angola

2017 year

Prognoz Group is expanding its presence on the African continent. Prognoz, LLC began preparation and cargo of the equipment for implementation of special engineering, geomechanical and hydrogeological investigations at the fields of SM Catoca company in August 2018. Drilling of geomechanical and hydrogeological wells will be carried out by the drilling rig BullDrill BD800, which provide of oriented drill core sampling.

PROGNOZ Group established a separate subdivision «PROGNOZ DRILLING» targeting for the works on deep exploration drilling at the indigenous diamond deposits in the Republic of Angola. There are drilling rigs such as Christensen CS14, CS20, Boart Longyear LF90 in the company's park, capable of drilling wells up to 2000 m deep in various geological conditions.