mining and geological service

Metallogeny based gold prognostic map development of the Yenisei Ridge (1:500 000) and licensing program of perspective areas for Polyus JSC , 2008

2008 year

The approaches for assessing and systematization of the collected different geological and geophysical information have been developed, as well as the principles for constructing a multilevel prognostic-metallogenic map.

The structure of the database, the formats for entering and storing and protecting information are proposed. The analysis of the possibilities of serial GIS for the purposes of automatic forecasting of ore-bearing structures of different orders is carried out. A technique for obtaining predictive solutions for the construction of prognostic-metallogenic maps of various scales using modern GIS is proposed. The principles for the formation of criteries for mineralization of various types are developed and algorithms for their automated processing are proposed. A prognostic-metallogenic map has been created, areas have been identified that are promising for the detection of gold ore objects of various types. Preemptive geochemical surveys for secondary aureoles of scattering (7,000 samples) were carried out within 7 local prospective sites, geochemical maps were constructed, and their forecasted estimate was given. Prospects of the allocated sites are estimated, recommendations for the production of further geological exploration work are given. Proposals for the licensing program have been prepared.