mining and geological service

Development of predictable-metallogenic map of 1:200 000 scale of Upper-Kizirskiy and Kopskiy areas

2001 year

The prognostic metallogenic map of the scale 1: 200 000 was compiled as a result of complex of field and analytical works with the use of GIS technologies, based on the generalization of data on geology, geomorphology, contents of gold in indigenous and placer entities on the south of Krasnoyarsk part of Eastern Sayan. The most detailed researches were on the placer gold content and its source of Verkhne-Porozhinskaya area, where placer manifestations and prerequisites of a new type of gold (with Hg mineralization) in the basal horizons of conglomerates were revealed. The position of the ore objects of different formational affiliation and of a metalic type with respect to geological formations, deep faults and position in the relief was analyzed. An electronic database on gold and gold-bearing occurences of the area has been created. The metallogenic zonation of the area was carried out and the gold resources were estimated.