mining and geological service

Audit of ore resources Pb, Zn and accompanying precious metals of the Republic of Khakasia perspective areas

1998 year

The data were collected for all deposits, ore occurrences and mineralization points, specialized in copper, lead, zinc of the Republic of Khakassia.

1) An electronic database containing 474 ore objects was compiled.
2) The ore-formational typification of the most studied objects was carried out.
3) Regularities in the distribution of mineralization in tectonic structures, relief, geophysical and geochemical fields are revealed.
4) The geological structure and history of the development of the region are considered on the basis of modern geodynamic concepts.
5) The accompanying noble metal mineralization in the deposits of copper, lead and zinc was studied.

The field work evaluated the gold content of ores and tailings of enrichment of a number of objects of the Republic. Using geoinformation systems ArcView GIS 3.2 and PARK 6.0, a statistical analysis of the distribution of objects of various ore formations was carried out. The prospects of the territory to identify new industrial facilities with the use of automated and heuristic forecasting methods are estimated. Data on the current state of balance and off-balance reserves and resources of lead, zinc, and also gold and silver in copper and polymetallic objects of the Rrepublic are summarized. Recommendations are given on further prospects for the development of the region's raw materials base for these minerals.