mining and geological service

Prospecting and evaluation works within the Neubinskaya area. Reserves calculation of Zolotoe deposit as of 01.01.2009

2006 year

The gold deposit was identified and evaluated during the production of prospecting and evaluation works on the Noibinskaya area. During the searches, geochemical searches of a scale of 1:50 000 and 1:25 000, geophysical studies of a scale of 1:25 000, ditches digging were carried out. The evaluation of the deposit was carried out with the help of bulldozer trenches and inclined wells on a network of 100x50 and 50x50 m. Samples were selected, a complex of hydrogeological and engineering-geological surveys, various analytical studies were carried out. The depth of the deposit assessment is 150-180 m.

As a result of the works, two ore zones were identified and outlined, according to which the С12 gold reserves were calculated by the vertical section method. For the calculation, temporary conditions developed in the feasibility study were used. The reserves are approved by Russian Commission of Stocks (RCS).