mining and geological service

Prospecting for ore gold in the middle reaches of the river Kizir (Kuraginsky district) at a scale of 1:25 000 within the limits of sheets N-46-70-Б, B, Г

2005 year

A complex of design, preparatory and cartographic works was carried out. The materials of the predecessors were studied, preliminary geological and tectonic maps of the territory were compiled, maps of search criteria and attributes, the forecast of the indigenous mineralization. With the use of stock materials and aerial photography data, a preliminary geomorphological map was created. On the basis of graphic materials objects for lithochemical sampling at a scale of 1:25 000 have been determined.

Field work was carried out in the highlands, in a bad passable terrain conditions.

In the course of the work, a placer gold occurrence associated with the karst development zone was identified and evaluated. The forecast potential of alluvial and karst placers and gold-bearing conglomerates is determined.