mining and geological service

Development of a methodology for the reassessment of technogenic placers (at the objects of the upper reaches of the Uderey river)

1998 year

The characteristics of man-made alluvial objects in the upper reaches of the river Uderey are given. The nature of the distribution of gold in the heaps of the dredging and hydromechanical ways of working out is shown. Recommendations on the mapping of gale-effel dumps are suggested. The possibility of using a Hg-gas and magnetometric survey for revealing the enriched head part of effel dump is shown. Recommendations are given for the selection of the minimum optimal volumes of samples and technical means for reassessing techogenic placers. A comparative description of the concentrating equipment used for processing the samples (hydrocracker, Proba-2M, 7.5 Nelson concentrator) was brining.

The Nelson concentrator extraction capability for gold of various morphological types and size classes were tested. For the technogenic objects that have received a positive evaluation (8 out of 16 studied), the forecasted resources of gold in category Р12 were calculated, which amounted to 1 132 kg. Recommendations for the development of man-made objects are given.