mining and geological service

Geological and technological mapping and technological research of ores during prospecting and evaluation works on gold-bearing weathering crusts of the Samsonovsky ore field

1999 year

According to the results of prospecting and evaluation works within the Verkhne-Talovskiy area, two ore bodies were identified, according to which gold reserves in category ะก2 were calculated. The weathering crusts of the site of work establish regularities in the distribution of chemical elements. On the gold-bearing weathering crusts of the site, a new sampling technique was first applied, which made it possible to quickly assess the content of the metal in the ore, both general and free. Technological tests of gold-bearing weathering crusts showed that no more than 30% of gold can be extracted by gravity methods using high-efficiency centrifugal apparatus and about 70% of the metal goes to tails with fine fractions.