mining and geological service

Geochemical prospecting for manganese ore mineralization within the northeast slope of the Yenisei Ridge

2006 year

The work was carried out on the northeast slope of the Yenisei Ridge on the seven disparate plots. Lithogeochemical sampling was carried out for secondary aureoles of scale 1:50 000, with some sites detailisation - 1: 25,000 scale. The identified anomalies were disclosed up by pits, ditches and small (up to 10 m) boreholes.

A set of geochemical maps for manganese and satellite elements in a scale of 1:50 000 and 1:25 000 been used as the geochemical basis for the forecast map. On the basis of assessment of lithologic-stratigraphic and landscape complexes fulfilled the landscape-geochemical zoning of the territory. Forecasted-metallogenic maps for manganese mineralization of scale 1:200 000 have been constructed. The prospects of the territory for various types of manganese mineralization have been estimated. Mineragenetic zoning of the territory with the allocation of perspectivezones for manganese  was carried out. Three manifestations of the exfiltration-sedimentary and residual-infiltration type were identified, according to which the forecast resources of the category ла2 were calculated.

Field works were carried out by mobile detachments with active use of aviation. This allowed to increase the productivity of sampling upto 40-45 thousands samples.