mining and geological service

Geochemical survey of 1:50 000 scale within the ore zone Iochimo

2006 year

As a result of geochemical works of scale 1:50 000, mono-element and complex geochemical anomalies of Au, Mn, As, Cu, Zn, Pb have been identified and analyzed. On the most promising anomalies, detailed geochemical works of 1:25 000 and 1:10 000 scale were carried out, and the anomalous zones were verified with ditches and pits.

According to the geological and geochemical data, two potential ore fields have been identified within the Iochiminsky ore zone: the Levo-Iochiminsky and Olenchiminskoye. Gold, lead and zinc resources in the P2 category were estimated at 58 tons. Within Olenchiminsky potential ore field, which is perspective for manganese and of polymetallic ores, the occurrence of manganous oxide sedimentary ores with an average manganese oxide consist 40.13% for a layer was found and tracked, the resources of manganese oxide ores in Р2 category were calculated.