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The presentation of the brochure issued to the 90th anniversary of Professor V.S. Kuzebnyi

Valentin Stepanovich was not among us for 23 years, but the memory of this scientist, teacher and outstanding person is still alive in the memory of his contemporaries.
For the absolute majority of us, as students of Valentin Stepanovich and also colleagues in geological production, research work and work in the system of higher professional education, a meeting with this person was a gift of fate.
10 candidates of science prepared under his scientific supervising.
V.S.Kuzebnyi had awarded the honorary title "Honored Geologist of Russia".

Every person who had been working with Valentin Stepanovich, felt on himself that he must working for the result that has not only scientific but also practical significance; to work a lot; to work professionally, that is, in such a way that never blush for the result of your work.
In memory of Valentin Stepanovich, an initiative group of his students under the leadership of Evgeny Alexandrovich Kaleev published this brochure timed to this round date.

Editorial board:
Kaleev E.A.
Makarov V.A.
Bondarenko D.A.

The editorial board expresses its thanks for providing the texts of memories and photos (in alphabetical order):
Bondarenko D.A.
Kaleev E.A.
Karaseva G.G.
Kuzebnyi G.I.
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Leontiev S.I.
Lobanov K.V.
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